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Our Guarantee

Hype Promotions of Queensland is a supplier of a wide range of corporate & sporting apparel, corporate gifts and promotional products. Our clients include companies, sporting and social clubs, schools and educational centres, hospitals, Government departments, hotels and motels, tourist operators, advertising agencies, and public relations agencies. Our company is committed to providing the best possible quality and value to our clients, and we are recognised for our reliability and expertise in the design, manufacture and delivery of our products.

Our management program includes a detailed analysis of client requirements, control of quality during design, manufacture and delivery, and monitoring of our client’s level of satisfaction after fulfilling their order. Hype Promotions is concerned that not only our clients, but also the end-users of our products, are fully satisfied with the quality and value of our products. This statement is issued to indicate our attitude to client relationships and our standards of service. The full support of our employees, suppliers and subcontractors is sought in actively pursuing this quest for quality.

Joanne Madgen | Director